From the bottom of the sea

The world’s most luxurious salt

Salt Flower from the Mediterranean with flakes of gold of 22 Carats.
The condiment most exclusive in the market.

Gold and salt.
The taste of luxury is called

The incorporation of the Edible Gold 22k to the Salt Flower, gives the luxury necessary to make it the perfect blend of taste and elegance, which makes it stand out from all the other making this product, a culinary jewel.


Everything starts here

The Salt Flower originates in the maritime salt mines in the first moments of concentration of salt, being fine crystals that float in plates on the surface of the water of the eras of crystallization of the salt mines.
Its gastronomic value and taste make this salt, the salt “gourmet” par excellence.
It is refined and therefore has more proportion of natural iodine and trace elements. Its production is very scarce and precious (barely 1% of the total production). It is of greater value than other salts because it is collected on a small scale.
The harvest of the Salt Flower is still done manually.

Celebrates unique moments


Romantic Dinner
Luxury Restaurant


Unique Weddings
State-of-the-art Catering
Charity Dinner 


Beach Club


The perfect gift

Salt Flower from the Mediterranean with flakes of gold of 22 k


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